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ept Services GmbH

ept Services Gmbh with headquarters in Hamburg is also the parent company of the specialized enterprises. It is here where you will find the production and administration of the group.
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ept Services Frisia GmbH

ept Services Frisia GmbH is located in Brake at the river Unterweser. The Brake team is in charge of industrial enterprises and energy suppliers of the region and beyond. Learn more here.

ept Services Marine & Offshore GmbH

The ept Services Marine & Offshore GmbH team is specialized on projects on the sea. Learn more about our services and our specially trained personnel here.

ept Services Scotland Ltd.

You will find ept Services Scotland Ltd. in Great Britain. In Aberdeenshire, in the north-west of Scotland. Learn more about our range of services and our know-how in the field of renewable energies here.