It is an indispensable prerequisite for the economic development of highly developed industrial countries to dispose of enough and consistent energy. Through the use of energy in its various forms together with other production factors, it is possible to achieve a steady increase in productivity.
At this, it is especially the reliable power supply that plays an important role. Central aspects of electrical energy supply are the increasing complexity and the environmentally friendly production.

Our group of companies will help you to find answers to make your power supply sustainable and environmentally friendly and translate that into action.

With the help of our satisfied and loyal customers we were able to grow quickly and have founded specialized lines of business.

ept Services GmbH

ept Services Gmbh with its headquarter in Hamburg is also the parent company of the specialized enterprises. It is here where you will find the production and administration of the group.
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ept Services Frisia GmbH

ept Services Frisia GmbH is located in Brake at the river Weser. The Brake team is in charge of industrial enterprises and energy suppliers of the region and beyond. Learn more here.

ept Services Marine & Offshore GmbH

The ept Services Marine & Offshore GmbH team is specialized on offshore projects. Learn more about our services and our specially trained personnel here.

ept Services Scotland Ltd.

You will find ept Services Scotland Ltd. in Great Britain. In Aberdeenshire, in the north-west of Scotland. Learn more about our range of services and our know-how in the field of renewable energies here.