ept Services Scotland Ltd.

Of all the renewable energies being used in Europe for the generation of power, wind power has grown the most during the last decade.

Scotland is known for its rough landscape, wild coasts and “bad” weather. But this is just what it takes for a secure suplly of energy. The Scottish regional parliament based in Edinburgh strongly supports the development of renewable energies and not only wants to cover its regional requirements but also intends to contribute to the energy future of Europe.

ept Services Scotland Ltd. uses its many years of experience in the realization of large and small wind farm projects in England and Scotland and provides all commissioning services according to British standards and valid IEC norms.


Mains of Balquhain Windpower, Inverurie
Cabeling, delivery and mounting of concrete substations and commissioning
Greenside Windfarm Operating Company Ltc., Aberdeenshire Scotland
Cabeling, delivery and mounting of concrete substations and commissioning
Enercon GmbH, Office Edinburgh
Electrical service and maintanace for windfarm powerplants.

Range of services

Wind farm cabling
Construction of cable trenches, street- and bridge underpasses, laying of cables and bundles, laying of optical fibre and data cables. Laying of earth termination systems.

Layout and delivery of transfer stations
Design and layout of the building, the switchgear and safety system, as well as possible necessary special building measures like pre-insert resistors.

According to customer´s order we carry out P-28 and P-29 earthing studies. Furthermore we calculate the layout of cable systems using modern software, and prepare selectivity analyses for safety settings (relay coordination studies).

BS and ENA-conform installations and start-ups
We offer safety comissioning and the correct programming of auto-reclose functions. In cooperation with ept Services GmbH we deliver G59 applications of our in-house production.