ept Services Frisia GmbH

ept Services Frisia GmbH is a midsize craft enterprise based in Brake at the river Unterweser. We are specialized in the field of MS- and NS- switchgear, electrical installation as well as telephone and data nets. Our customers are handicraft businesses, industrial businesses and energy suppliers between the rivers Ems and Weser.


Diana clinics
Exchange of low voltage master switchgear

Range of services

Electrical installations
Our year-long expertise is very diversified: We can offer you solutions in the field of lighting technology, fire alarm technology, access control, UPS (uninterrupted power supply)-systems and sub-distributors. We equip your production facilities and business enterprises with everything from electric sockets to the master switch system.

MS-/ NS- switchgear, transformers
We plan and deliver customized low and medium voltage systems. Asides from assembly, construction management and start-up, this also includes regular service and maintenance.

Telephone and data nets
One of our core competencies is the planning and execution of your infrastructure cabling with copper and fibre optic cable technology, construction and connection of 19” components, including OTDR-measuring and documentation.